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Why Carbon Market?

As leaders in carbon credit and carbon trading in International Market, we can assure you the Carbon markets provide the infrastructure for carbon offsetting. It is a process by which businesses and individuals can be accountable for their unavoidable emissions by funding certified GHG emission reduction projects elsewhere in the world. It has 3 main factors


Monetary Allocation for the reduction of GHGs in the atmosphere.


The decrease in GHG emissions through the adoption of technologies that lower its release, for e.g., solar, wind, electric vehicle, production of biofuels.


Measures were taken by Individual, Private/ Public Companies to compensate for their project/activity emissions.

Carbon Trading Project Types:

With have vast experience in Carbon Credit Training in the following sectors. Mentioned below are also the types of projects with corresponding sectors we’ve shown our expertise of Carbon Training-

Chemical Industry

Biofuel, Biodiesel, N2O/NOx abatement projects, Landfill gas projects

Energy Demand

Energy Efficiency, Cookstove project

Metal Production

Change in production technology


Includes renewable/non-renewable sources like Solar, Wind, Hydro, Geothermal

Manufacturing Industries

Fuel Switch Projects, (e.g. FO to NG), Waste Heat Recovery

Waste Handling and Disposal

Methane capture projects, Waste to Energy

Energy Distribution

Improving Efficiency of T&D

Transport & Logistics

Use of EV, HFCV

Afforestation and Reforestation

Use of EV, HFCV

We are proud to launch Thrain Technologies
Carbon Credit Management System : Offset the environmental cost of your action

We are helping to offset your carbon footprint.

Thrain Technologies Carbon Credit services help to make it easy for both individuals and companies to combat climate change and achieve both their specific sustainability goals. We assist both domestic and international clients by connecting them with high-quality emission-reduction projects, providing climate education, and developing innovative solutions that ensure effective climate action.

You may reduce your own carbon footprint and offset your unavoidable emissions to aid in the transition to a low-carbon, sustainable future by being aware of your decisions and how they affect the environment.

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